The Amagansett Seed Catalog

The Amagansett Library Seed Catalog holds a variety of donated and purchased vegetable, herb and flower seeds, with the hope that members will save seeds from their crops to share with others. Whenever possible the seeds purchased are organic and open pollinated. The Amagansett Free Library provides resources and programming about organic gardening to educate and create awareness about healthy food access.

Why Save Seeds?

Saving seeds has many benefits. Of course, saving seeds saves money each year you garden. But did you know that harvesting and sowing seeds from your garden will lead to stronger plants proven to grow well in the local climate? It also helps preserve heirloom seeds before they become lost to us. By sharing harvested seeds as a community, we can have access to more varieties of plants from our neighbors. We also gain more self-reliance, and have the opportunity to build a local gardening community where we can all share our successes, failures, and wisdom in addition to our seeds.

How to Participate

Anyone can take seeds to plant at home, with no expectation that you will bring seeds back. But if you want to return harvested seeds, here’s how it works:

Visit the Amagansett Free Library’s card catalog to browse our seeds and select what you will use. Please only take what you will plant and nurture to save this resource for the whole community.

Plant your seeds. All our purchased packets have a link to their origin website for detailed information on growing successful plants. For seed sharing purposes it is very important to keep records of the plants you grow.

Harvest and share your seeds. We encourage you to share seeds from plants you’ve grown for future generations. We will be happy to accept your most healthy open pollinated (not hybrid) seeds to add to our seed library. Please donate seeds by filling out the information on the provided envelopes and giving to the circulation staff.

Don’t know how to harvest seeds? No problem! You can still borrow seeds from our seed library, and we hope to see you at a future seed-saving program where you can learn with us for the future!

Gardening Books

Click on any book cover to be brought to a full list of gardening books at the Amagansett Free Library.