Amagansett Free Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Amagansett Free Library is to provide quality materials and services which serve the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful.

Amagansett Library Trustees

Marc Donnenfeld, President

Barbara Hill, Vice President

Linda MacCracken, Secretary

Dan Mongan, Treasurer

Natalie Abatemarco

Marie Zazzi

David Nugent

Amagansett Library Board of Trustees typically meets the last Friday of the month at 9:00am. Holidays may cause board meetings to be held a pervious Friday or at a different time. All Board dates for the calendar year are noted in our Event Calendar

Amagansett Library History

It was through the combined efforts of the entire village, and the material contributions of Dr. Rossiter Johnson in particular, that the Amagansett Free Library got its start. Dr. Johnson donated several hundred books to the Amagansett order of the American Mechanics, with the understanding that these same volumes should go to the Amagansett Free Library upon its organization.
With this incentive the library was organized on February 22, 1916, and housed over the post office. The wonderful gift of house and property from Mrs. Mortimer Levering provided the foundation for the present library. The house given was an old Schellinger homestead, built probably in 1790 by Samuel Schellinger for his brother Jacob and situated in the heart of the village. It was repaired and made ready as a library by the donor, and the dedication ceremonies took place on January first, 1921.

The generosity of Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Levering led the way to more and more contributions, from villagers and summer visitors alike, of books and more books, of furnishings for the library, and of the voluntary services of several ladies serving as librarian. This volunteer effort was continued until 1930, when a kind contributor started paying for the services of a steady librarian.

Amagansett Lore and Legend.  Excerpt from the chapter: Amagansett Free Library by Elizabeth B. Schellinger

Amagansett Free Library Governing Documents