2021 Trustee Election

The election will take place in person, by email or a mail-in ballot, from March 1- March 20, 2021. 
Amagansett residents and property owners are eligible to vote. 
There are four seats open for election. Voters may choose up to four candidates.


Dan Mongan is an Amagansett resident and previously served two terms as trustee of the Amagansett Free Library.

“It was a singular privilege to serve as trustee for this wonderful institution. For me Amagansett is an indispensable place. Layered with history, rich in natural splendor and blessed with an amazing diversity of fascinating and public-spirited people, both residents and visitors, Amagansett is in every sense my home. And at the very heart of Amagansett is our library.

“I am extremely proud to have played a very small role in facilitating the continuing success of the library. As anyone who knows me will confirm, I have many limitations but I have always had a wholehearted commitment to our community and, especially, our library.”

Dan has long experience as a lawyer advising companies and investors on strategic transactions, with a focus on digital commerce and technology. He founded the strategic advisory firm Cumulus Capital in 2020. He is co-author of “All You Can Pay” (Nation Books 2015) which highlights the dangers consumers face from surveillance capitalism. He is a trained engineer, and a frequent and enthusiastic user of our parks, trails and beaches.

Dan is married to Anna Bernasek. In Dan’s words “I got the better of that bargain.” Their two children attended the Amagansett School before continuing their education in the East Hampton schools and elsewhere.


Calandra has served on the Amagansett Free Library board since 2018, and currently holds the Vice President position for a second term.

She has owned a home in the Amagansett community for the past 23 years, and has lived as a full time resident for the last 15 years. She has two daughters, Maya, a recent graduate of the East Hampton High school and matriculating freshman at Boston University, Fall of 2021. And Ava, an eighth grader at the East Hampton Middle school. Both girls attended Amagansett Elementary, and thrived in the close knit community, within the school itself and the community as a whole.

A Greenwich Village native, Calandra used to spend her summers as a high school student in Amagansett and Montauk. She enjoyed the small town feel and the abounding natural landscape that the East End had to offer. 

After attending Bowdoin College, and returning to NYC, she worked as an Account Executive at Young & Rubicam Advertising, where she worked on accounts such as Blockbuster, MetLife and Advil. After meeting her husband, Francisco and after having their first daughter, the move to Amagansett full time was a welcomed transition.

A full time mother of two, and occasionally assisting with her husband’s upholstery business, finding a source of community interaction was challenging coming from a big city to a small town. The Library became a beacon for entertainment and creative resources for her family. Attending the wildlife seminars, or hands on crafts, the programming at the Library always offered a positive outlet throughout the years.

Most recently, Calandra sat on the Board that was instrumental in the search for the new Director, and subsequent placement. Additionally, during her term on the Board, she has been a part of the on going expansion of the Local History department, an ever growing and vital part of the preservation of the small community’s history.

Currently, she is a part of the Architectural Committee, which was instrumental in adding some of the new furniture to the Biography room, the Community room and the Teen space. Additionally, she helped with the refreshing of the window seat spaces in the Children’s room and the Second floor reading nook. 

Calandra has enjoyed her term on the Board, and hopes to continue to be a part of its growth. She is excited to help the library adapt its vision to serve the community during these challenging times, and beyond.


I am extremely grateful for the Amagansett Library — and all that it has offered me and my peers; not just as a library, but more — further confirmed during the current pandemic with the impressive commitment and adaptation the library has implemented — remaining a vital pillar to Amagansett. 

As a young person, local resident, and local business employee (a neighbor across the street at TIINA  the STORE), alongside my background in museum and gallery education and community engagement initiatives — I come to the role of Library Trustee with a mixed outlook, transferable experience, that would offer support, whilst bringing a different perspective to the work and community of the  Amagansett Library. 


In my varying roles at the RA, my accomplishments included forging life long learning for varied communities through  partnerships with community centers and schools for custom programs of engagement —  

an ethos I see echoed in the Amagansett Library and its current Long Range Plan.  Prior to relocating to Amagansett, I worked in the  Learning Department at the Royal Academy of  Arts in London, creating opportunities for teenagers 16-19 and young people to engage with art education, the wider art world, and the  Academy. Alongside work in the Learning  Department, I volunteered in the RA’s historic  Library, cataloging the unique illustrated book  

collection — making it accessible to the public. Utilizing both these roles and experiences, I  implemented a variety of initiatives that utilized the library for young people. Within Learning I encouraged and supported all teams and their communities; Families, Access and  Communities in cross collaborating with Collections and the Library, as well as spearheading and championing a wider cross-collaboration between a multitude of RA Departments; Learning,  Collections, Archives, Architecture, Academic Programs and the RA Schools (the oldest art school in  Britain).  With a specific focus on young people at the RA, to break down the perceived barriers young people face in accessing and using libraries, in conjunction with the RA Library and Learning Programs, I  introduced a series of events that gave young people the opportunity to research their own areas of interest utilizing the Library and Collection. Working directly with the Head of Library Services at the  RA, students were introduced to resources, how to access and utilize them for their own projects —  fostering young people’s confidence in using the RA Library, as well as their school and local libraries  — cultivating autonomy in their own study, fomenting transferable skills for the future. 


While studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts – attending on full scholarship – I implemented for all students and staff, a  non-lending library. Two floors below the college’s library,  renowned for its collection of artists’ publications, Staircase  Prints/Books, was a place for staff and students to showcase printed and written work of their own at Chelsea College of  Arts. Staircase Prints/Books gave a place for the often hidden aspect, yet crucial stage in many artists and designers stages of work. 


I am completing a three-year term on the library’s board—in all three years I served as secretary—and would very much like to stay on for another term. 

As a trustee, I have had an active role in forming the Friends of the Amagansett Free Library and in planning our Friends flower and children’s gardens, which will be planted this spring.   I am a member of the library’s First Monday Book Group, and for three of the past four summers my standard poodle Valentino and I had a weekly story hour for children, “Read with Valentino,” at the library.  We had to skip last summer on account of COVID, but hope to be back in July.  Valentino is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and is proud to be “the library dog.” 

In 2019 my husband and I moved to Amagansett full-time, but my involvement with the library dates back to the early 1980s, when my family bought a house here and we became “summer people.”  My daughter was five, and the first thing we did was get a library card.  

Carrie enjoyed going to the library for many years, and I myself have supported the library 

as a patron and as a regular at the library’s book sales and other events.  When the library was planning its renovation and expansion, I served for a year as a trustee. 

I grew up outside of Boston and have always loved books and reading.  In college (Barnard) I was an English Literature major, and I have a master’s degree, also in English Literature, from Brown University.  After graduation I worked in book publishing houses and in Special Publications at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  While my daughter was growing up, I worked for the nonprofit children’s theater company The Paper Bag Players, part-time, as their fundraiser.  The job became full-time, and I stayed in it for 13 years. 

I have brought to the library board writing and editing skills and nonprofit fundraising experience, along with a firm belief in public libraries as a source of information, enrichment, and education for the community.  I believe in “giving back,” and have a long history of volunteering in the city and locally.  In addition to being a library trustee, I currently serve on the board of the Amagansett Village Improvement Society (AVIS), am a member of the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee (ACAC) and of the East Hampton Group for Wildlife, and volunteer at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF). 

I love the Amagansett Free Library.   It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the other trustees, with our director, and with the staff, and I hope to continue doing so. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. 

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