2020 Trustee Election Results

Lynne Weinlandt and Marc Donnenfeld have been elected to the 2020-2023 term.
Amagansett Free Library 2020 Trustee Election Results:
Lynne Weinlandt 42
Marc Donnenfeld 36
Sadie Stephenson 33

Marc Donnenfeld

Dear Neighbors,

My name is Marc Donnenfeld and I am interested in rejoining the Board of Trustees for the Amagansett Library. I have been a resident in Amagansett, both renter and owner, for more than 40 years.
I am strongly committed to the concept of public service. In New York, I was a member of Community Board 1 for 6 years. I participated in the redesign of the World Trade Center site, the establishment of the WTC Healthcare Center at Bellevue Hospital, the Task Force for the Redesign of the West Side Water Front and the creation of the Spruce St. School in Lower Manhattan. As a Board member of the Library, I was honored to serve as President of the Board of Trustees. One of the most important challenges I faced during my final presidency was the management of the transition of the former Director to today’s sterling leadership. If elected, I look forward to working with Director Nichols and fellow Board members to serve the Amagansett community.


Sadie Stephenson

I am extremely grateful for the Amagansett Library — and all that it has offered me; not only as a library, a place to work, study, find out more about the community and a place to socialize through the events held. 

I feel the mixture of being a local resident and local employee, as a neighbor across the street at TIINA the STORE, in conjunction with being a young person, alongside my background in museum and gallery education, offers a mixed outlook that would offer support, whilst bringing perhaps a different perspective to the work and community of the Amagansett Library in the role of a Library Trustee. 

Prior to relocating to Amagansett, I worked in the Learning Department at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, creating opportunities for teenagers 16-19 and young people to engage with art education, the wider art world and the Academy.  Alongside work in the Learning Department, I volunteered in the RA’s historic Library, cataloguing the unique illustrated book collection — making it accessible to the public. Utilizing both these roles and experiences, I implemented a variety of events that utilized the library for young people.

Within Learning I encouraged and supported all teams; Families, Access and Communities in cross collaborating with Collections and the Library, as well as spearheading and championing a wider cross collaboration between a multitude of RA Departments; Learning, Collections, Archives, Architecture, Academic Programs and the RA Schools (the oldest art school in Britain).


Specifically, with my own audience at the RA, young people, I was keen to break down the perceived barriers young people face in accessing and using libraries. Through the RA Library and Learning Programs, I introduced a variety of events that gave young people the opportunity to research their own of areas of interest. For many, themes for art projects were their starting points. Working directly with Adam Waterton, Head of Library Services at the RA, students were introduced to resources, how to access and utilize them for their own projects. This not only fostered young people in confidently using the RA Library, but also accessing their school and local libraries — giving them autonomy in leading their own study and fostering transferable skills for the future; College and University.

While studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts – attending on full scholarship – I implemented for all students and staff, a non-lending library. Two floors below the college’s library, renowned for its collection of artists’ publications, Staircase Prints/Books, was a place for staff and students to showcase printed and written work of their own at Chelsea College of Arts. Staircase Prints/Books gave a place for the often hidden aspect, yet crucial stage in many artists and designers stages of work.

As a member to the community who has greatly benefited from the library, a young person and an advocate for young people in utilizing and accessing public resources. I am keen to utilize my skills in learning and education, mixed with my passion for libraries and my locality as a neighbor to be further involved and an active member of the community. I feel that this outlook may be a unique asset that I could bring to the Amagansett Library Trustee Board. 

Lynne Weinlandt

I love to read! Even as a teenager, my summer goal was to work my way through one major work-“War and Peace,” “Les Miserables,” etc.  Fast forward to the present when the usual juggle is a hardcover, a book on CD and one on Kindle.  The audio format guides me through needlepoint projects and road trips.

Long Island  and NYC have been my past homes but living in Amagansett full time since 2011 has been bliss.  Travel is another love but each return to our “paradise” reminds me of how lucky I am to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Some other details…

-BA, Skidmore College

-MBA, Stern School of Business, NYU

-Product Development Manager, Macy’s Corporate

-Real Estate Sales, Halstead Property in NYC &Saunders and Associates

-Now retired to enjoy travel and down time on the back porch

I was introduced to the inner workings of our library 2 1/2 years ago when I was asked to take the place of a board member who was stepping down.  I quickly got involved in a search for a new Director, helped to launch and  Co-Chair “Friends of the Library” projects and am also now a Co-Chair of the “Architect’s Committee.”  Each of these were created to maximize community outreach. 

I am now formally running for the position and would appreciate your vote of support.  

With my regards,     

                                           Lynne C Weinlandt

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