Listen to the Quarantine Soundtrack on Spotify

Thank you to all of the teens from East Hampton High School, East Hampton Middle School, Ross School, and those attending out of area schools who “sheltered in place” in Amagansett for contributing your playlists. Thank you so much for sharing your music!


Thanks also to special supporters of the project:
Hailey London (Ross School)
Chris Dougherty (EHHS)
Meredith Hasemann (EHMS)
Morgan Duke Vaughn (LTV)


Library Director:
Lauren Nichols
Project Coordinator:
Evan Harris,  Children’s Librarian
Staff Quarantine Soundtrack Selection Team:
Evan Harris
Erika Illaisaca
Julianna Vargas
Art by Cosmo Hamada

Over the spring of 2020, the Amagansett Library Quarantine Soundtrack project asked teens:

What is coming out of your headphones? The project developed in the midst of the New York State on PAUSE executive order implemented by New York Governor Cuomo in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This period was also dubbed ”the pause,” “lockdown,” & “quarantine.”

Framed as a community service opportunity, youth 13-19 were invited to submit a titled playlist of any length as a contribution to the Soundtrack. A team of library staff then selected one song from each playlist to appear on the finished Soundtrack. The library collected over 50 playlists (well over 1,000 songs). The soundtrack features songs from playlists with titles that range from the pragmatic to the poetic: Quarantine Playlist; global pandemic things; getting through quarantine; Social distancing 2020; Quarantracks; l’appel du vide (the call of the void); waking up to close your eyes; SONGS TO MAKE IT GO BY FASTER; study/boredom; Introduced by Covid-19;  Different Times; To forget everything.

The Quarantine Soundtrack is an effort to give teens in our community an opportunity for self-expression while documenting an aspect of youth experience during this unprecedented and often surreal period of time.

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